Monday, July 04, 2005


While I had an outline for this paper, I began to have a hard time over the weekend fleshing it out. I felt I was spinning my wheels, despite my "deadline" of finishing at least a draft by next weekend.

After reviewing my findings again (notes from the conference) and re-running a few of the figures in SPSS by way of regaining familiarity, I had a little better idea of where I wanted the discussion section to go. Then today I found some background literature essential to the entire paper.

While reviewing this material and looking for related material took some time, perhaps it is not wasted. I now feel I actually have a theoretical framework for my intro, background, and discussion.

When I know where I'm going, the stuff seems to "write itself" instead of plodding the way it does when I'm trying to figure out the material in each sentence.


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