Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Yesterday I developed a clearer idea of my intended flow of the paper and began some headway, which I continued today.

I've used some pieces of my thesis. Some parts were rearranged to accommodate the new menu-item data, and some parts were modified. I have filled in other parts with new material.

I feel the intro/background is basically intact at this point, and the method section is almost done. I will be writing up the analyses section next.

Based on the format of the accepted articles I've been looking at, I may be including too much detail--for example, in the instruments section. I may simply end up with a shorter document than those others. If that's the case, then I have completed more than 29%, which I have based on the average word count of accepted articles.

I hope to finish this by the weekend, but will be semi-busy tomorrow and gone at the Anxiety Clinic on Thursday--that day's usually pretty much a wash, especially given the 4-hour round trip. I hope I can get a lot more done tomorrow, perhaps in the evening.


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