Wednesday, September 07, 2005


It appears that the whole wedding/moving thing threw me about a month off-course.

However, I am married and have moved. I have my schedule set up for the student clinic and begin teaching my new classes tomorrow.

I met today with A., the grad student who will be helping me in my data collection. Now that I finally have approval, it sounds like it has a good chance of actually getting collected by the end of the month with her help and that of my undergrad assistant.

A. and I set up general times/schedules for which the students can sign up--early afternoons, since she must pick up her kids after that. I hope that the undergraduate is still interested in doing a little work and can do some late afternoon/ early evening collections.

Tonight I will send A. the recruitment letter for the profs at her department (increased chances of getting participants!) and I will distribute some myself at the Psych Department. I will see the undergrad student tomorrow in class and ask what she would like to do.


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