Thursday, August 10, 2006

August 10

(Entry cross-pollinated from my day-to-day journal blog).

Last night I finally completed the scoring and coding of the final survey, #333.

I still need to go back and complete some sections, which includes:

-score the BSIs of the first 80 or so I did when I still didn't have the BSI manual
-check certain commonly missed items on each GRISMS (#s 23, 24, 27, 31, and 38) to make sure they are correctly scored, and add any changes into each GRISMS score as necessary
-check the endorsed sexuality on the GRISMS for each participant and add this to the demographics (I think people are way underreporting being gay or bi, unless it's just that it's such a young group that a lot people haven't come out yet)
-check how I scored the final item on the indices for people who wrote in "O". I'm going to allow zeros to be included in the total score.
-acquire and check the surveys completed by my assistants, as well as score the BSIs on those
-enter the data of recently completed surveys into the database
-scan the handwritten portions of the most recent surveys into PDF format

...and finally, begin typing the handwritten portions into text format in the spreadsheet(s).

Then I need to send those to Dr. R. to get her input about the qualitative portion of the analyses, and set up some coding of qualitative data into quantitative data, as appropriate.

I also should email my committee about my progress so they know I am still actually alive and working!

After all that, I can start doing the analyses, which really shouldn't take more than a couple of days.

I'm not sure how any other research will fit into my summer at this point. The baby could realistically arrive anywhere from four to 8 weeks from now, and that's if it's full-term.

I also really must begin work on my new internship applications for this fall, as I will be awfully busy at the time. I wish I had had the time (and a working car, come to think of it) to drive into town when the most recent internship meeting was held, as I am wondering about proposed changes to the APPIC this year. I guess I will just need to look at it online and figure it out.


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