Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March Already??

So I worked 15-hour days from October through January. Aside from teaching two new class preps and working half-time at the clinic, I spent those months applying for internship, preparing for internship interviews, and then going out of town on the actual interviews.

The great thing is that I actually was one of the lucky 75% who actually got a placement from all that work, so I am one more big step along the way towards being "Dr."

The other activity I managed to somehow squeeze in there is to get pregnant. I'm almost done with the first trimester, which means that the terrible illness that has plagued me for many weeks now may be just about over. Thank heavens, because I have only been able to work for about 10 hours a week!

I am considering withdrawing from clinical work for the rest of the semester in order to spend what little work time I am able to on my dissertation, and possibly the three other research projects that are up in the air.


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