Thursday, June 19, 2008


My advisor told me that my revisions would likely take about 6 hours, but I've already spent two precious work days just trying to figure out what the heck my committee wants me to do.

After an hour-long phone conference with my advisor, I think I have a pretty clear direction now. I just hope that the changed analyses don't change my results. (I really hope that!)

I have to have this thing revised, approved, and signed off on by my entire committee as well as the graduate dean (or something like that) before I start my new job, so that my hours count towards my licensure. Otherwise they're not much different than internship hours.

I have had ZERO time to work on any other of my research. I was hoping to do some of it now that client hours are slowing down somewhat, but we've been given a bunch of other work to do. This is surely why the median number of pubs after graduation is ZERO!


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