Monday, April 03, 2006

Setbacks and Moving Forward

I now will have to go through internship applications yet again. I actually got a really good site this year, but have had to make an agreement with the site to withdraw, as I am now pregnant and will be giving birth the first month of internship. They really wanted to just give me a one-year deferral, but APPIC guidelines only allow for a "secret" (and frankly, unethical) way to do it. Therefore we decided to just withdraw me and I'll go through internship apps again next year.

The AWP conference (with all the organizing I was doing) is over, and the classes I'm teaching are nearly over for the year. After that all I'll have to do is to work on my dissertation (and possibly some of the other research projects). I am actually excited and looking forward to having time to work on that.

However, I am not looking forward to doing the 4-month process of internship apps yet again, third year in a row, and this time with a nursing babe-in-arms. Dang APPIC.