Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I think I mostly have the background/discussion section done. It's hard to know what to include and leave out. The specifications say to be as concise as possible, but the reports I've been looking at are not my idea of concise. (You know my idea of concise is to make eye contact with the reader.)

I'm not sure about keeping a particular paragraph I have in the intro, but I guess I can decide that later when there's actually a structure to edit.

And there's some stuff I might add in later, instead of taking stuff out. I can't tell yet.


I found the requirements for submission to the research journal Appetite and also have reviewed a number of its recently published reports. It seems that most reports are 7,500-8,500 words.

I made an outline based on my findings as presented at the AWP conference, and have begun fleshing it out with text from my thesis.

However, the emphasis is slightly different. In my thesis, I did not include anything associated with the independent post-hoc "validation" of the menu items. But in this report, those findings are central.

Thus the emphasis is not "how do masculinity and femininity measurements directly relate to nutritional composition" but the more subtle and (to me) more interesting "how do people see food items" and "how do masculinity and femininity measurements relate to which items are chosen".

First Post

Hopefully, having a blog that tracks my progress on various projects will help me to feel like I'm accomplishing something, and perhaps even keep me on track.

"To-do" lists are depressing because the list only contains things you haven't done yet, not how much you've accomplished.