Friday, July 08, 2005

AWP Logos

Below are the two designs I created for the use of the Association for Women in Psychology conference. (AWP organizing being one of those ongoing tasks I can't really quantify into a bar, but which certainly takes time anyway!)

While I was only supposed to be designing the Women of Color Caucus T-shirt, I had to start by desconstructing the original design that RS had anyway for what I had in mind. This was a black-and-white sketch of three intersecting figures that she found, and that people generally seemed to like for use as the overall AWP 2006 conference logo. I not-so-secretly hope people prefer my updated version--I do!

After I scanned in the B/W image, I electronically "traced" over the three individual figures to extract them. (More painstaking than it sounds!) Then modified each one to be more graphically appealing (i.e. redrew the hands entirely, reproportioned body parts that were obviously crooked after being disentangled from the others, etc.)

Then I made them into solid, block-print seeming figures. These figures I colored into warm earth-tones for the WOC shirt design (as well as moving the legs inward so the figures could "stand" more normally), and also created a fourth figure to round out the grouping.

At this point I had already done the hard work of updating the individual figures, so I took the three original figures and put them into a circle, re-creating the original "Intersections" image with a more "graphic" look.

AWP logo sample

AWP logo sample
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This is the overall logo I am proposing for the 2006 AWP conference.

I based it on a black-and-white drawing that one of our organizers found regarding intersecting identities. (I think this one would sell T-shirts better!)

WOC logo sample

WOC logo sample
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Here is the design I am proposing for the Women of Color Caucus 2006 T-shirt. I based it on the overall new AWP logo I made (above).

I thought it might be nice if this year we had logos that were different, but co-ordinating.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Did almost nothing on the Appetite document.

I did start training my undergrad research assistant on scoring the GRISMS, which I will be using for both the mini-study and my dissertation. So I guess I made some progress on both of those projects. (I'm training my assistant by way of learning it myself.)

Also responded to an email from Dr. M. regarding the status of my HSRC proposal, in which he basically just wanted me to add a few lines of text to the bottom of the informed consent section and email it back, which I did.

He also mentioned something about how my changes to the consent form based on the checklist will make it easier for the participants to understand it. I have no idea what he's talking about, because I haven't made any changes to it other than adding the HSRC contact information. I had already used the checklist when constructing the thing in the first place.

I think the HSRC committee members are either completely mad or reading some random document that isn't my proposal, based on their comments.

Nevertheless, it looks like I will soon be allowed to begin data collection.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Yesterday I developed a clearer idea of my intended flow of the paper and began some headway, which I continued today.

I've used some pieces of my thesis. Some parts were rearranged to accommodate the new menu-item data, and some parts were modified. I have filled in other parts with new material.

I feel the intro/background is basically intact at this point, and the method section is almost done. I will be writing up the analyses section next.

Based on the format of the accepted articles I've been looking at, I may be including too much detail--for example, in the instruments section. I may simply end up with a shorter document than those others. If that's the case, then I have completed more than 29%, which I have based on the average word count of accepted articles.

I hope to finish this by the weekend, but will be semi-busy tomorrow and gone at the Anxiety Clinic on Thursday--that day's usually pretty much a wash, especially given the 4-hour round trip. I hope I can get a lot more done tomorrow, perhaps in the evening.

Monday, July 04, 2005


Accidentally deleted half my blog template sometime yesterday, so I have to rebuild it when I have the time. It's been a huge hassle, since there's something wrong with my laptop that causes it to kick me off whatever internet connection I'm using after about 30 seconds, and then I have to reconnect. Lots of things disappear when posting that way.


While I had an outline for this paper, I began to have a hard time over the weekend fleshing it out. I felt I was spinning my wheels, despite my "deadline" of finishing at least a draft by next weekend.

After reviewing my findings again (notes from the conference) and re-running a few of the figures in SPSS by way of regaining familiarity, I had a little better idea of where I wanted the discussion section to go. Then today I found some background literature essential to the entire paper.

While reviewing this material and looking for related material took some time, perhaps it is not wasted. I now feel I actually have a theoretical framework for my intro, background, and discussion.

When I know where I'm going, the stuff seems to "write itself" instead of plodding the way it does when I'm trying to figure out the material in each sentence.